School Management Software for Everyone: Who all are benefitted from School ERP and how?

Any ecosystem of a school needs many other people than simply administrators, teachers, students, and parents. These people often work behind the scenes to make sure that the school runs smoothly without any obstacles.

The top school management software should be one that not only helps the main stakeholders but also the other entities of the school that often go unseen. Most schools only look at the convenience that school management software offers to its teachers, students, parents, and school administrators.

However, implementing a school management software that can simplify the work of all the different stakeholders of your school can improve the efficiency of your school and make it more productive and profitable.

But who are these other stakeholders of a school and how does the school management software helps them? Apart from the school administrator, teachers, students, and parents, the school management software is also useful for:

  • Librarian
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist
  • Hostel Warden
  • School Bus Driver

These people help the school to function smoothly so that all tasks are completed within time and the school keeps operating with relative ease.

Keep reading to know how different features of school management software help these people in doing their work faster and more efficiently.


The librarian keeps a track of every book added to the library. Along with that, he/she also has to keep a detailed note of who has issued which book and when is the book supposed to be returned.

Traditionally, the librarian would keep a register to note everything down. However, when you look at it from the economic point of view, it is neither efficient nor secure.

This is why the library management feature of the school management software is helpful for the school librarian. It allows the librarian to keep a track of every book digitally.

When a student issues a book, the librarian can enter that record directly into the school management software along with the return date. With this, he/she does not have to remember when a student has to return an issued book.

The librarian can also check the book inventory so that they can order any new book that should be added to the collection.

The library management feature of school management software allows the administrator and the librarian to manage every aspect of the school library. It makes library management fast, efficient, and more secure.


No school can operate without proper finances and keeping the track of income and expenses is essential to know how the school finances are faring.

It is the accountant’s job to keep a detailed record of every transaction happening to and from the school accounts. However, the school administrators will also want to know about accounts so that they can plan ahead to keep the school operating smoothly through thick and thin.

Using a separate software for accounts takes a long process to export the reports, and then send them to the school administrator. The main reason for using school management software is its efficiency.

Even in this case, the school management software gives access to the Account Management feature to both, the accountant and the school administrator. Moreover, it automatically organizes all the available data into a graphical chart for easier understanding of the income and expenses.

Since both, the accountant and school administrator can access this feature, the accountant does not have to export any data to send it over to the administrator. All the records will be visible to the administrator as well. This way, the accountant’s time is saved and he/she can work more efficiently.


A receptionist is oftentimes the face of the school. Parents inquiring for school admission, suppliers bringing in contracts for school inventory, or anyone else who visits the school meets the receptionist first before meeting anyone else.

That being said, it is the receptionist’s job to record every visit to the school. To do that, many receptionists use excel sheets to jot down details like name, time of visit, and purpose of the visit. While it is not as time taking as writing it down in a physical register, it is still not a secure way of managing the visitor records.

Being in your computer, it is prone to get damaged or lost if the computer faces any virus or gets damaged. With the cloud-based school management software, all your visitor record is saved safely on a cloud-server that keeps your data secure from any virus or damage.

Moreover, the visitor management feature also allows you to take a picture of the visitor with the camera linked to the school management software. This way, the receptionist can keep a detailed record of every visitor keeping the school premises safe for the students as well.

Hostel Warden

The hostel is a part of many schools across the country. The hostel warden usually manages the hostel and maintains the discipline on the premises. But managing a hostel comes with its challenges.

The hostel warden needs to register every student enrolled in the hostel, allocate rooms to them, check available rooms for new enrollments, and keep visitor records.

With the best school management software, the hostel warden could do all of that and more, digitally. No heavy registers stockpiled in a cupboard, no excel sheets to keep scrolling for the last record.

Manage the hostel and its inventory, allocate rooms to students, check how many available rooms are in the hostel, and record the details of every person who visits the hostel, all from a single interface in the school ERP software.

It reduces the amount of work the warden needs to do every day and increases the overall efficiency of the task.

School Bus Driver

Bringing the students to the school and dropping them back to their homes safely is the most important task that a bus driver, sometimes along with the conductor does.

To make sure that the students have safely boarded the bus or left the bus, traditionally there is not much that the driver or conductor of the bus did. However, now they can keep a track of each student and school employee that boarded their bus and left it with the school management software transport feature.

The driver or conductor can receive the route created by the administrator to pick-up and drop students and employees. Based on that, they can check who has boarded and who is not going to board the school bus.

The school ERP also provides a dedicated conductor app of school management software so that the conductor can mark the presence of the students and employees on-the-go with only his/her smartphone and active internet connection.

It ensures student safety while transit and with GPS integration in school ERP software, parents and schools can track the vehicle live from their smartphones adding to student safety.


A complete school management software goes beyond serving the primary stakeholders of a school system and makes sure that everyone who is a part of the school gets benefitted from using the school ERP software.

If your current school management software is unable to give you these features then your school is missing out on so many functionalities that can improve the efficiency of your school and make it more secure.

So switch to a school management software that provides these features and more. Be sure to first try the school management software with a free demo and then purchase the license. What are your thoughts on these features of school management software? Can you think of any other stakeholder whose work may get easier with school management software? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And be sure to check our blog for more content like this.

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