Why do we need Whats App Integration in School Management System?

We all have been touched by technology in some way or another. It has played a great role in bringing humans closer to each other than ever before. With our smartphones itself, we can do so many things, from calling and texting a person to capturing a picture and sharing it with our loved ones.

Different apps on our smartphones serve different purposes. However, social media applications are the ones that we consciously use the most. These applications allow us to connect with our friends and family no matter where we are in the world.

One application though has now become a part of our lifestyles. It lets us stay connected through voice calls, video calls, and messaging using the internet. This application we are talking about is none other than Whats App.

Why do we need Whats App Integration in School Management System?

Why is WhatsApp integration necessary?

WhatsApp is a smartphone application that offers voice calling, video calling, messaging, and multimedia sharing among other features without any sign-up and password. Because of this, many people around the country are now using WhatsApp.

It currently has more than 20 billion users worldwide. As of 2019, more than 400 million of those users are from India. And out of these users, almost 96% percent of people have agreed to have made WhatsApp as their primary messaging app.

These facts state that WhatsApp is rapidly replacing the traditional messaging application. People are more used to receiving important messages on WhatsApp as compared to their phone’s default messaging app.

Does that mean we can use WhatsApp to simplify not just our personal but also our professional communication?

Why not?

How can WhatsApp be used in the school management system?

Traditionally, if the school wanted to remind the parents to pay a student’s school fee, the teacher would write a reminder note in the student’s diary. And then, the student would show that note to his/her parents.

This was a long process because at times the student would forget to show the note to parents or the parents would forget to pay the fees still. In such cases, the teachers had to keep constantly reminding the students about their pending fees.

To reduce such cases and make the process of fees reminding and paying, modern schools are using the school management systems. It allows the educational institutions to send a notification to the parents or students using the application. The school can also send a reminder to the parents via SMS and WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp integration help?

With WhatsApp integrated with the school management system, educational institutions can keep the parents updated upon their children’s progress more regularly than before. Parents will now be able to receive all the notifications about their child’s academics on WhatsApp.

Sending fees payment details

In the past, when a parent or student would pay fees, the school admin used to hand them a paper slip confirming the payment. This slip was very hard to preserve and students or parents would often lose it. Moreover, to give this slip to every student or parent every month, it used a lot of paper that would eventually go to waste.

With WhatsApp integration, schools can send the confirmation message to the student or parent’s smartphone. Here, the message can be backed up and retrieved whenever needed. They can also send any other details regarding fees and its structure to the parents on WhatsApp.

Similarly, schools can also send a fee payment reminder to the parent’s phone so that the teachers will not have to ask the students to remind their parents.

Sending student’s progress report

Children’s progress is of importance to the parents. When they are sending their child to school, they need to know how their children are doing academically and where they need to improve to get good grades.

However, waiting for a meeting with the teacher was the only thing they could do in the past to know about their children’s educational report.

Now though, schools can send a regular report of every child to their parents. They can either message a normal text, or they can send a detailed report in the form of a document and send it as an attachment using WhatsApp.

The parents can view the report on their smartphones and schedule their child’s studying timetable accordingly.

Sending academic details

When parent or student applies for admission in any educational institute, school management system allows them to do the complete process online. From filling the admission form to paying the fees after the admission is confirmed.

It uses WhatsApp to send the admission confirmation and other details regarding admission. The parents will not have to take a trip to the school to know their child’s admission status as they will be receiving it on their phones.

Similarly, they will also receive any other details regarding their ward’s academics on WhatsApp. Whether it is the organization of an annual event or a picnic, the schools can send the notification with all its details like timings, payment, etc. on their phones.

Sending homework

It is a parent’s duty to get their child’s homework done correctly and in time, especially that of younger children. Previously, teachers had students write down their homework in diaries. Younger students often have slightly illegible handwriting because of which, teachers had to write the homework in every student’s diary.

Considering the total strength of an average class to be 50-60 students, this is a very lengthy task. The school management system with WhatsApp integration allows teachers to send the homework to all the parents in one go. Moreover, teachers can also share notes or material required for the homework as an attachment to the message.

It not only makes the process faster but also saves a lot of time and energy for the teacher as well as students.

Sending exam details and results

Using WhatsApp integrated with the school management system, schools, and other educational institutions can send an examination hall ticket, its venue, time, date, and other details directly to the parents or students.

In the same way, schools can also send the exam results to the parents’ WhatsApp as an attachment. There on, parents and students can download, store, and view the exam results from their phones without having to go to school specifically to collect the result.


WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application in India. Almost every other person uses this application in their daily lives. In such a situation, if a school wants to connect to the students and their parents, then there is no better option than using WhatsApp.

The school management system is made to make the work of everyone at school, easier and faster. With its smart tools, school ERP increases the productivity of any education system and makes it more efficient.

If your school has not adopted a school management system yet, then the time is now to do it. To start, you can try the free one-year demo version after which you can pay an affordable monthly or yearly amount for a subscription.

How do you use your Whats App professionally? Tell us in the comments below. And check out our blog on GPS integration in school ERP and its uses.

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