5 Reasons Why Online School Admissions are a New Educational Trend

Table of Content


1. No long queues

2. Faster Processing

3. Zero Manual paperwork

4. Reduced chances of human error

5. Lesser work for Admin



When we are just children, our parents are the ones who decide which school we will attend. It is in kindergarten that our student life starts. Our parents are the ones who decide which school or nursery will be good for us. And as we grow up, the decision about where to study further shifts to us. We choose which college or university we want to study to build a better future for ourselves.

Back in the day when the internet was not as advanced as it is today, our parents used to visit different schools in our town or city. They used to collect the brochures of all the schools and then later compare them with one another. They would send us to the school that offered better teaching facilities as compared to others.

However, before that, our parents had to go to that school with all the documents needed to get school admission. They would stand in a long queue in front of the admin’s office and wait till their time comes to fill the admission form and submit all the documents. And if they forgot any particular document, then they had to visit the next day and repeat the process.

Nowadays, people search and compare the best schools around them by using the internet. Although many parents still have to stand in line to get school admission for their children. With time and technology, that too is changing slowly. In its place, all major schools are choosing to go online with the school management system. School ERP offers different features that increase a school’s overall productiveness. Among those features is online school admission. Schools and parents like this feature a lot.

Here are 5 reasons why online school admissions are a new trend.

1. No long queues

Online school admission only needs a computer and internet connection that means that parents or students can fill the admission form and submit all the required documents from the comfort of their homes using the online admission feature of the school management system. They do not have to wait in a long line for hours at the school. And since they are submitting documents from home, if they forget to any document, then they can easily get it and submit it without wasting any time.

2. Faster Processing

The documents and data collected using the online admission feature are stored digitally in the cloud-based server of the school management system. The software then automatically organizes the data from where the admin can easily access and retrieve it. Since the software does this process by itself, the time taken to store, process, and organize the data reduces considerably.

3. Zero Manual paperwork

As stated earlier, when students or parents fill admission forms and submit their documents digitally, the data is automatically stored and processed by the school management system. The admin does not have to do any manual work on physical paper. From the data gathered by the software, the admin can retrieve any specific student’s detail whenever wanted. They can also segregate students based on their admission status, whether it is confirmed or not.

4. Reduced chances of human error

Misspelling a student’s name was one of the most common mistakes that happened at the school. Because of that, students and parents had to go through so much trouble to correct the name legally. As a human, we are bound to make mistakes because a lot is going on in our minds at any point in time. However, errors like this will not happen if the school management system properly stores and organizes the correct data gathered from parents and students.

5. Lesser work for Admin

It is natural that when the School ERP automatically files the admission data provided by parents and students, it reduces the admin’s workload of filing, processing, and organizing that data. Previously the admin had to manually fill in every single detail in the datasheet that used to take a lot of time and energy. The school management system saves that time and energy so that it can be used for other tasks.

These reasons make the live admissions feature of the school management system a new educational trend that is here to stay. Many schools and colleges across the country are now adopting the school management system to make their schools and educational institutions smarter and more efficient. If your institution isn’t using one yet, then it is high time to try it now. A free trial version will allow you to use the software for a year. From there on, you can buy the school management system with a monthly or yearly payment.


School admissions used to be a long and tedious process for parents, students, as well as the school administration. However, the online live admission feature provided by the school management system allows parents and students to fill admission forms and submit related documents from the comfort of our homes.

The school management system gathers the data from the parents and students with the live admission feature and stores it in an organized manner. The school admin can access, view, and retrieve that database whenever they want it. This reduces the amount of work that the admin has to do during the admissions period.

Do you like the concept of online admission for schools? Share your thoughts in the comments section below to keep the discussion flowing.

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